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Last updated: February 2009

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My interests are mainly WW2, fantasy/Swords and Sorcery, but I'm also into Colonials, Ancients, Medievals and Sci-Fi plus anything else which grabs my magpie-like interest at a wargame convention.
WW2 has been my interest for some time and hence there's much more info on this than any other genre.
The site is a mish mash of answers to some common newsgroup questions, rules to play games with and a fair few pictures.
Whilst the site is fully functional at the moment, just some bits are rather less scintillating than others. Eventually everything will be yummy and interesting... Eventually.
I hope you find it useful.

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See also dynamicdrive

Recent Updates
Feb 2009 Fantasy Imp project started
2 Feb 2003 Plague monks, change clanrat picture
13 Jan 2003 Empire Knights
21 Nov 2002 Empire Swordsmen, Groundwork

If you're wondering where the flip I have any stargrunt content, it's under ww2. I pretty much solely use what I call SG2WW2 which is fairly heavily converted SG2.